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Steven Cohen – Composer – Guitarist- Teacher

  • Guitar Lessons from one of Denver’s most respected teachers
  • Located in East Denver near Colorado Blvd and 9th Avenue
  • Kids and Adults
  • Rock, Classical, Jazz
  • Beginner-Advanced
  • Free 30 Minute Introductory Lesson, Email or call 347-307-0142

About Me:

Recording/Touring artist Steven Cohen has been teaching guitar passionately to students of all ages and abilities since 1999. He teaches rock, jazz and classical guitar as well as songwriting and recording techniques. Steven received his degree in music performance from the University of Arizona where he has performed in masterclasses with artists such as The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and in festivals with Leo Brouwer. Steven has toured with various bands throughout the US and is currently developing his 5 piece group Tyro Marks as lead songwriter and vocalist . He is currently writing a book on guitar education and teaches guitar in Denver, Colorado.

Upcoming Shows